TIHA spol s.r.o.

Tiha is a small family import and export business based in Prague, Czech Republic.

The company was established in 2005 after taking over its predecessor Tralyco, which served the Czech market since 1995.
Our business specialises in instant and rice noodles, however we do offer a range of other products from chili sauce, rice papers to other Asian products.

To provide high quality products with great customer service and good value for money.

We pride ourselves in delivering our customers high quality and tasty products with great customer services at a good value for money.
To achieve our goal, we cooperate with trustworthy manufacturers that meet our standards and reliably deliver high quality products. We ensure to partner only with suppliers, who comply with strict criteria and hygiene standards set by the European Union.
Our main partner, a leading manufacturer of instant noodles in Vietnam, is a Japanese company Acecook. Tiha is an exclusive distributor for products from Acecook in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

Tiha also cooperates with other partners such as:
• Japanese company Ajinomoto known for its food seasonings
• Vietnamese manufacturer Thuan Phong, who produces rice papers for spring rolls
• US based company Huy Fong and their world renowned Sriracha chili sauce
• Thai company Suree with coconut milk

Our partners


Our goal is to provide everyone a high quality and tasty meal. With our experience gathered in a period of over 20 years, we constantly monitor the market to find new products that we could introduce

Our wonderful staff

Experience and professionalism

Our team has professionals with many years of experience in their field.  Our company’s success is based on such specialists.

Tiha is a small family import and export business based in Prague, Czech Republic.